Martial (Roman Writer)

Martial is, noted Roman writer of epigrams, born in Bilbilis, Spain, March 1, 43 A. D.; died in 104. He pursued study in his native town and in 66 went to Rome, where he resided until the year 100. At Rome he gained the patronage of Titus and Domitian by writing epigrams and poems characterized by much wit, and was awarded the rank of equestrian. His writings known as "The Epigrammata," consisting of fourteen books, constitute the only works from his pen that are still extant. They were widely read in Rome and the Roman provinces. The larger part of these were written at Rome, but several were completed in Gallia Togata, and others at Bilbilis. displayed wonderful inventive facility. His works possess great literary value, particularly because they are the productions of an epigrammatist who did not draw his fund of inspiration from Grecian writers. In 100 he returned to Bilbilis, where he married a lady called Marcella, and resided on her estate until his death.

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